tim horton children's camp - yours truly

director: marc andré debruyne
executive producer: john nadalin
producer: rory halsall
production manager: vimla mangru
director of photography: alex gomez
b camera operator: scott baker
c camera operator: robin frigerri
a camera assistant: greg winterton
b camera assistant: sheena fernmunroe
assistant director: patrick hepburn
gaffer: sam lebel wong
grip: tony ranieri
art director: hilary jenset
make up & hair: cheryl gushue
wardrobe: caitlin wright
editor: daniel bochenski @ school
special fx: peter ruschel
colorist: jeff pentilla
musical score & sound design: ben pelchat

song: black river, by wolf gang

yours truly was shot on location at the tim horton onondaga farms in st. george, ontario

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