nestlé fruit selection yogurt - days

director: marc andré debruyne
agency: publicis, manila
agency producer: janet barbara
agency creatives: sonny bautista, mondo floro armedilla, migs siojo, mark gosingtian
production company: production village, manila
executive producer: joy rojo
production manager: may francisco/dats pena
line producer: mond dy adora
director of photography: take onishi
first camera assistant: joey bognot
second camera assistant: george anao
gaffer: daniel payumo
art director: adelina leung/ nicca san antonio
make up & hair: ricci chan
editor: brendan jessamine
colorist: andrew ross @ smith toronto
location manager: greg quinto
casting: charmaine betudio
cast: schin wei fang

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nestlé fruit selection yogurt - days onset pics